About me

IMG_8386_2I’m passionate about making a difference.
I create, design, innovate, write and strategize.
I’m about people and relationships. It’s my life. It’s my work.

I’m the Owner and CEO of Iconium Media. Iconium implements responsive media solutions to facilitate engagement that leads to transformation. My team and I are on the cutting edge of helping organizations create and facilitate responsive media solutions that impacts life change in through social, civic and justice issues.

Iconium help organizations capitalize on the digital space to create responsive media that enables people to ENGAGE, RESPOND and result in TRANSFORMED lives. My services provide strategy planning, marketing, content development, digital learning and design in multi media.

I’m  a specialist in digital media strategy and create responsive content . I’ve become an expert in engaging people in one-on-one follow-up. Over the course of more than 16 years I’ve mobilized a team of over 1000 volunteers, learned how to engage media for ministry and played a key role in the development of a world-class system for online follow-up. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse portfolio of projects. I’m particularly gifted in the area of equipping organizations to create responsive media that induces life change.  

I’m currently taking my Masters in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship at Bakke Graduate University.

In my spare time, I assist a musical theatre group in media and promotions. It’s a great joy for me to see students grow and excel in the area of the arts.

I’ve been married to Cam since 1987. His unique sense of humour keeps laughter in our home! I’ve been so thankful for a fantastic marriage and a husband who stands by me. We have three kids:  Luke and his wife, Hazelle have a son, Micah; Brett is married to Sarah;  and we have a daughter, Kaylin. We cherish our times together as a family.