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Owner and CEO – 2015 – present

Iconium Media implements responsive media solutions to facilitate engagement that leads to transformation. Iconium Media desires to be on the cutting edge of helping organizations create and facilitate responsive media solutions that impacts life change in through social, civic and justice issues.

In my role, I oversee teams that capitalize on the digital space to create responsive media that enables people to ENGAGE, RESPOND and result in TRANSFORMED lives. Our services provide film, media, responsive content, strategy planning, marketing, content development, digital learning and design in multi media.

TRUTHMEDIA (The Life Project), Power to Change, Canada
National Director – 2006-2015 and Managing Director (2000 – 2006)

I led the TruthMedia team of over 40 staff who created training programs, a responsive content development process, both in text and film, and developed a mentoring program with customized software.  We also had over 1,000 volunteer mentors, small group leaders and writers.  Since my role began in leading the digital team, we saw tremendous transformation in the lives of thousands of people. Below are some of the key projects I led the team to complete.

Digital content strategies and development:

  • Planning, developing, writing, and overseeing the filming for an online learning system for mentors and team leaders.
  • Powertochange.com – oversaw the content and mentoring team that developed thousands of pieces of content in a variety of media forms and created a follow-up response system that engaged thousands in evangelism and discipleship.
  • TheLife.com – oversaw the content and interactive development of the website and social media strategy
  • Developed comprehensive digital ministry systems and processes that have been used in multi-language and with many partners.
  • Developed a daily devotional program that has been distributed to thousands of people for 12 years.
  • Worked with the content team to create scripts, printed booklet, online interaction for this Bible study series, Treasure. Was particularly focused on the editing/writing process to ensure that the content was highly responsive and engaging.
  • The Life Documentary” video that delivers a call to Lordship. Producer and helped oversee the content development.   Developed a digital platform that included a Bible study
  • Oversaw the development of all the websites for the team.


  • Training for thousands of mentors for The Mentor Centre at TMM.io
  • Created a process to train and develop our staff to create responsive content.
  • Created training, teaching and modules in the Global learning center for the mentoring and chat programs.
  • The Mentor Center partnership development & legal contracts. I led the process of recruiting; my team led facilitating a process where there were four equal owners on this project, but development. (Partnerships with Cru, FamilyLife US, Band of Coders
  • Recruitment for The Mentor Center Software development – partnership recruitment and fundraising. This process took nearly a year
  • Developed an iTV network – a media centric style of content that engaged people into mentoring conversation for the purpose of life change.
  • Oversaw the set-up, development of a film studio and ensured that the content that was being filmed was highly responsive for the purpose of felt-need evangelism.
  • Created niche market evangelism strategy – research, content and web development for Military Lives
  • WomenTodayMagazine.com: Restructured an online ministry magazine program to become a vibrant far reaching evangelism outreach.   (url is active, but strategy is changed) 
  • Passion of the Christ response website and follow up program (a digital project that no longer has a url)

Multi-language Digital Development:


Outreach strategy: 

  • Consulted with Center Street Church to host the 100 year Calgary Stampede Outreach – included evangelistic documentary that was filmed by Erwin McManus.
  • Developed and led Center Street Church’s mentoring program & outreach event. Training of volunteers and follow-up through I Crave Change.

Software Development:

  • Managed and oversaw a technical team – continually doing research and working with systems that are most effective for ministry to develop.
  • Planning and leading the team to rebuild The Mentor Center to become Tmm.io – a new and much more agile follow-system
  • Led a software development process for The Mentor Center – ($1.6 million software) requirements gathering & focus group assessment
  • Software development architectural planning of The Mentor Center

Marketing & Fundraising Campaign:

  • The Lion’s Den Fundraising Project: Accelerating Multiplication – Research and development of a new entrepreneurial idea, presenting it and raising funds for the project at high level fundraising event.
  • Developed and maintained a personal support team 1991-2015
  • Created and facilitated marketing campaigns and materials for the network of digital strategies.
  • Developed and maintained social media strategies for the various campaigns and programs within the TruthMedia network.

SCA FINE ARTS, Marketing & Promotions: 2005 – 2015

Provided business admin, secured advertising, media, photography, created and provided promotional material and marketing for SCA Fine Arts. Developed and maintained the website and FaceBook page. Managed marketing and FaceBook ad campaigns for events.

EVE & ENOCH, Marketing: 2015

Consulted Eve & Enoch and provided a digital marketing strategy and produced and filmed a narrative lifestyle promotional video.

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