Can grown ups dream?

ParkBenchI remember summer afternoons as a child, laying on the grass and watching the clouds. I could see the mansion I would move into when I grew up.  I imagined what my life would be like.  It was absolutely glorious.   Then I grew up and dreaming developed a different perspective.  I no longer took time to dream.

As I thought about why, I realized that I didn’t want to face the disappointment of  dreams that did not become reality.  Dreams are a risk.  To dream you have to admit to what you really want, and that can be scary.  But if we hold ourselves to just our current reality, if we chose to stop dreaming, that can be a lot scarier.

Dreaming stretches my thinking.  It gives me the hope of things unseen. It lets me  imagine the impossible.  Dreaming makes me take a step in a direction I might not take otherwise.  Dreams change my thinking.  How do dreams change your thinking ? Is there still room for dreams in a grown-up life?

I definitely think so.

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