Does God really care…about the small stuff?

IMG_1318-3Life can be tough. There is a lot of pain. A lot of unknown. It seems everyday we are made aware of very difficult things that are taking place around us. As we bring these things to God in prayer, it seems that the answers are long and far between. We exercise faith and keep praying and try not to become disheartened.

Many of the the items on my prayer list are long-term and without intending to, I actually find myself becoming used to them not being answered. I still have faith and believe that God will answer them, but in some ways, I can become dulled to the great things that God wants to do in my life every day.  I’ve thought through this the past couple of days and began to write out smaller requests and pray specifically for them.  It was remarkable. Someone who had a difficult meeting reported a miraculous result, another person was vindicated of wrong doing, and a situation that was causing me great anxiety was resolved in a simple manner.

God cares about everything! He truly cares about the small stuff. I find it ironic that as I am praying for God to do some great things in difficult circumstances, I allow those prayers to eclipse my need to pray for the smaller, but powerfully significant things that come my way every single day.

Prayer works. ALL the time. God calls me to pray to Him about all things and when I do, He is willing to show me He hears me.

My husband and I recently were discussing one of our long-term requests.  We were feeling that perhaps God wasn’t hearing us.  Then, we stopped the conversation and asked each other to list all the ways God had shown Himself.  The list was long. God totally had this situation. He had done miracles already, but because we were so focused on the gap of what we saw needed to be done, we were missing the miracles o
f His provision. It was hindering our ability to trust Him for many prayers that we were forgetting to bring to Him.

Take time to seek God. He is there. Waiting, listening and ready to respond. No matter how difficult the long-term situation you find yourself in, He’s fully at work and wanting to show Himself to you!

He. Loves. You!


  1. Amen 🙂 Super easy to slack off in faith unless you intentionally remind yourself of God’s past advocacy…

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