Face the truth

photo-47Fantasies and altered realities have shaped our culture.  We desire to live a perfect life and have a happy ending.  This becomes a driving force that affects most of our choices.  We find ourselves unsatisfied with our reality. We compare, hope and long for a better life.

Why is it that we go to such great lengths to avoid the truth?

  1. The cost is too high.  When we speak absolute truth, we fear rejection, persecution and even monetary cost.  It’s easier to dilute our words and not risk as much.
  2. We are afraid.  Fear can paralyze us in so many ways.  We may not even fully understand the reason for our fear but it is easier to play it safe.
  3. Its not culturally accepted to speak the truth.  People really do want to hear that you are fine and that all is well.  We are a hurried culture and usually don’t have the time to listen to the true matters of the heart.  Knowing that the truth is not accepted teaches us to speak in a way that we feel others will accept.

We don’t know how to speak truthfully about difficult things in a diplomatic way.  We’ve never been taught to address issues with a gentle truth.  We often

Many of us are committed to speaking the truth.  We believe that the “truth will set you free”.   In my own life, I’ve seen the value of that over and over again.  However, it’s amazing how I can convince myself of things that are not true.  My perception of myself can be untrue and my actions can be altered by it.  It’s only when I contrast the lies I believe with the truth I know and then begin act on the truth that I discover freedom.

It’s so easy to paint a picture of the angle and reality we want to portray – even when we are being authentic.  Do you find yourself living your life in an “Instagram” world where you edit, add filters and get the perfect image?

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