Focus. Really?

Ok.  So I’m reading seven books at once, I have at least 20 windows open on my laptop at once, and I jump from one interesting thought or conversation to another.

Is that a problem?

It actually is.  I know that.

Yet, my love for diversity and taking time for the things that are most relevant and interesting keep me engaged with many things.

I’ve learned that this is a common trait amongst most of us.  We are bombarded by information, social media, technologies and people in our lives.  It creates excitement, but also at times, one feels overstimulated.  (Like…often.)

There are times when it is great to have a lot of things going on.  It brings vibrancy and delight to my inner being to have so many exciting and interesting things happening simultaneously.  Yet, I’ve realized that the only way for me to truly appreciate all those things, is for me to anchor myself with times of true solitude and focus.

I’ve learned that my optimum working environment for solitude is a quiet corner in a coffee shop where I can escape and focus.  It takes discipline for me to schedule those times, but always so rewarding.  I find it ironic that when I’m sitting alone in my office, I have the feeling of being crowded by the dozen or more people who are trying to connect with me – just because of the many mediums that ring, buzz and alert.  It’s a simple reality for me that I need to go to a place where there are many people to find the quiet I need to focus.  But, if it works….

To be effective, I  need to carefully choose the times I need to focus and then do so.  By doing that, I can then thoroughly enjoy and capitalize on the multi-media frenzy that my life seems to consist of.

My deepest sense of inner strength and stability comes from my relationship with God, my family and close friends.  They clear the clutter in my life and bring order to the chaos.  This only really happens when I give them all of me during our times together.  It’s an increasing challenge in our culture.  Recently, my family and I were out for dinner.  We were having a conversation and the server commented on how surprised she was that none of us were on our devices and actually talking to each other!

There is tremendous value when we focus.  It will help us to be and do all that we are intended!

Life is remarkable. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Focus. Love. Live.

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