No love such as this


Dedicated to #littleschenk and his beautiful parents, Luke and Hazelle Schenk

Warm water wraps itself
around my tiny body.
Each day I continue to grow.

I feel safer now, than I probably ever will.
For, where I am, nothing can harm.

I have a special bond with my mother.
I feed off her rich blood,
I lavish in her love.
I feel it every moment.

She and my daddy talk to me.
They tell me how eagerly they await my arrival.
They dream. They talk about great plans.
They call me by my name.

Somehow I just know that I am a miracle. I am alive.
I am deeply loved by the only two people I know.
Someday soon, I will meet my mommy and daddy.

I long to look into their eyes,
for their tender voices to speak to me,
for their skin to touch mine.

Yet, I am hesitant.

No longer will it just be the three of us.
There will be others.  I know they will love me too.

But, for now,
I know there cannot be any place such as this.
It is only I and the two whose love means most.

– written by Karen Schenk, 1986, modified 2016.


  1. Full of love, full of care, full of gentleness and cloud of kindness.
    Amazing you, Karen and so happy for Luke and Hazell!

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