Prayer rescued my son from death

“We need to begin to explore long-term care for Brett”, my husband told me one day. I resisted those words.  I was sure that things would change and he would be okay. Yet, day after day, he became more and more despondent.  He was rapidly progressing into a nearly vegetative state. We talked about what life would be like being full-time caregivers to an adult man who we clearly could not carry from room to room! I felt like we were giving up.

We had seen God heal Brett twice before and he thwarted two suicide attempts. We had prayed desperately and God had answered.  God had even shown me to pray during the time Brett had attempted suicide.  I was at work when I had icy chills go through me. I panicked and prayed that God would protect him.  I prayed a host of angels would come around Brett and that the enemy would be pushed back.  I desperately tried to call him and there was no answer.  During that very moment, he was first trying to steer his car into a semi truck.  With both hands gripping the steering wheel, the wheel locked and would not turn.  Then, days later he tried again.  This time he would use the exhaust of the car.  He looked everywhere for his keys. God had blinded him and they were laying on his night table and he was unable to see them.

Now, months later we were in a state where he was dying and I once again, sensed God wanted prayer to bring him to healing.  I called out to others to join us.  I did not know the journey Brett was going through.  I knew that there was a reality that we might lose him.  I sought God in desperation and he chose to be glorified through his healing.  There is no guarantee that God will heal.  There is no guarantee that further crisis won’t come our way.  But, there is a guarantee that God will not abandon us and as we call out to Him and seek the Holy Spirit, He will show us exactly how to pray so that He will be able to do the work that He wants to do in our lives.

Check out Brett’s story in an interview on 100 Huntley. As a parent, a loved one, never ever give up!  We were devastated when God said “not now” to Brett. Those were not the words we wanted to hear.  Yet, we could not doubt what God did in his life!  We are deeply grateful and forever praise Him for the answers to our desperate prayer.

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