Simply stated in white

It’s clean. It’s simple.
It’s powerful.

Life is hurried and full. I sometimes wonder how we make everything come together. I look for solace and peace. I’ve always loved white. I could have an entire house painted white with every item white. It makes me feel peaceful. I love the incredible beauty of white, coupled with a little bit of black.  Whoever said these two fabulous colours are not colours?  They are my favourite. In Fort Langley, is one of my favourite little stores and restaurant.  It’s called, “The Little White House”.  It takes me back to my Grandmother’s farm house. It is truly the definition of serenity (till I look at the price tags).  But this serenity is something I can capture with my camera and share with you.

White. It’s the color of peace and simplicity. It gives me a sense of calm. My days are full and busy, yet, I love to tell stories with my camera.  I’ve decided to begin to share these photo stories through my blog and not only wait till I have time to share a piece of writing. Enjoy these photos of a time and place that you too may remember.  If not, don’t forget to stop by The Little White House when you are next in Fort Langley.

IMG_2114This serene place waits for friends to share their lives

IMG_2098Chandelier in the sunlit shower room

IMG_2099A gown waiting to be worn during a quiet afternoon escapeIMG_2102Modern styling with vintage products

IMG_2101Scripted fabric makes me feel like writing

IMG_2110Books always accompany my places of solitude

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