Something a little different

IMG_7932_ksBe creative.  Do something different from what you normally do!  You will find it energizing and appreciate the freshness of a new perspective.

This past weekend, I helped Eve and Enoch with their photo shoot to launch their spring line. It was a fun experience with beautiful results.

IMG_7630   IMG_7623

We naturally like to wait for things to come to us. If someone approaches us to get involved, we usually consider it and then if interested, and if the price is right, we engage.  Recently, I decided to take a whole different approach. Who do I want to talk to? Who inspires me? What do I enjoy doing?   Exploring those things requires stepping out with courage.

IMG_7673   IMG_7942

There is huge reward in paying forward! People have helped me as I’ve grown and developed. What a gift to give “back” to young and talented entrepreneurs!  It’s a way of mentoring that helps me do what I love to do and grow in the process. If someone is doing something that interests you, just straight up ask how you can help.

IMG_7919    IMG_7886

I urge you to look outside of the world you live in.  See who is doing something that is great.Look at ways you might be able to help them and take some pressure off.  Then, as they allow you to help, ENJOY every moment! It will fuel their excitement too!  It will bring you back to the early days when you got started and you may just discover a whole new take on what you love to do!

Be adventurous and enjoy the journey!

Photo credit:  Karen Schenk, Eve & Enoch 2015 Spring Line, Greenland Garden Centre, Branches, Numa Model Agency 

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