Stay the course. Don’t be distracted.

Country road, France.You know what you are going to do.

It might be a project, a relational commitment… it’s something you have decided to do.

You are excited as you get started.

But then, stuff happens.  You start to lose focus. You become distracted until you suddenly realize the dream and vision of what you began is in your rear view mirror.  You gave up.  You didn’t mean to, but somehow it just happened.  You are filled with regret of what could have been.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  When you come to the realization that you lost your way amidst the many distractions that plague each of us, you have the opportunity to self-correct.  It can take discipline and accountability, but it is truly possible.

I have discovered that there are several things that happen to me which tend to derail my focus.

1.  The obvious is that there are too many things going on and I don’t have the time to invest into making the vision, dream or commitment happen.

2. Someone says something that kills my passion.  I take a negative word (or sometimes even it’s just a lack of encouragement) and allow it to convince me that this really was a bad idea and I lose heart to move forward.

3. I rely on my enthusiasm alone to make things happen.  I need to take my vision and dream and incorporate plans to actually move things forward.  Enthusiasm alone will never accomplish things.

4. I underestimate the importance of the innovation, creativity and plans that are taking shape within me.  I have a purpose, a calling – and when ideas and plans come together for me, they are part of a bigger picture of what I’m meant to be and do.

If I stay the course and am not distracted; the projects and commitments that become my dream can be game changers – in my life… and in others!  It’s worth pushing through!

The simple thing is to give up!  Distractions are there to rob us of some of our greatest gifts!  Find focus.  Be accountable.

Go make it happen.  You CAN do it!






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