The soul awakens

IMG_0581I prayed for and loved someone who went through very difficult time. God healed her from despair and deep inner pain. She truly was a captive set free. This story reflects the journey from anguish to joy.  You may be experiencing something similar. There is hope. 


Her soul screamed for freedom.
The darkness enclosed.
It was suffocating.
Anger and fear penetrated the very core of her being.
She was a prisoner, held captives by chains. She hated it.
The inner person screamed, lashed out, and was desperate for help.
The pain was so intense. How could one let others in?

The deepest craving of her soul cried out.
The desire to love and be loved mocked her.
Preparation for the inevitable became a necessity.
Always. Rejection. Pain would strike.
In desperation, she aligned with those she thought understood.
Always, they would turn on her because, quite simply,
hurt people hurt.

Freedom seemed unattainable. Devastation, the norm.

There came a day, the devastation and pain tore into the deepest part of her.
Hope was no more.
Grief and anguish was uncontainable.
Utter and complete brokenness.

In the darkest hour, God provided an angel of mercy.
Someone who loved. Enough.
She was like a skilled surgeon, who began the journey of healing.
While the angel did what God called her to do, others interceded and mostly, they loved.

The captive became free,
the broken heart healed, the darkness released.
A crown of beauty, oil of joy and a garment of praise
emanated from her.

The soul awakened.
Light shone. Eyes opened to truth. Desires changed.
Distortions shattered.
Pain was no longer a solace. She stepped into and embraced her strength.

Love was restored.
Rejection was anticipated no more.
It was a love that believed.
Forgiveness, reconciliation liberated her soul.

Healing, she’s becoming who she was created to be.
She is chosen, loved, cherished.
It’s a calling. She is an angel who now can love.

Read more: Isaiah 61:1-4



  1. How beautiful… may our God continue to redeem and may he give you the absolute desires of your heart. Our God is in the business of creating something so beautiful out of what may appear broken. May this next chapter of your life be an amazing adventure….

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