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My life runs on so many tracks.  I delight in the diversity of the many opportunities  I have.  Each day is an adventure and as I keep balance and rhythm in my life, the lines of symmetry reveal themselves with a profound sense of order.  I enjoy multiple things going on in parallel.

Just this week, I was travelling and while I’m in airports, I find myself doing several things.  I become an observer.  It’s fascinating watching how people who are heading places engage with one another and even how they spend their time while they rush and/or wait.  Some people feel incredible stress travelling, some are bored, and others are quite excited.  I find myself being an observer; while at the same time, I am reading, working, texting, and highly engaged in several key things.  It’s in those moments I have some of my most engaging conversations with my daughter as I share my observations with her.  To anyone watching me, it may appear to be random and chaotic, yet, there is a streamlined and even deliberate process taking place.  There are multiple tracks.  There is order.  There is learning.  Things are being accomplished.       (photo by D.Capcara)

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