You only live once! Now, what?

A beautiful ride

Chalk art – Kaylin Schenk

Bucket lists. Are they little overrated?
Do they help us live more intentionally?

Mine isn’t on paper, however, there are many things I want to do in my lifetime. I probably should take time to write one up.  It would be fun to have and develop.

Sometimes I happen to discover things I would put a bucket list only as I’m doing them! For example, I had no idea how much I would love Paris, until I was recently there.  Now, I can’t wait to go back.

I often wonder if I was truly living my life, knowing it was my last days, how would I live? I think it would look different.  Yet, there is no way it would be realistic for me to be wildly adventurous and live on the edge every single day.  Life does consist of the mundane and the ordinary. It has to. It’s when there are special things interspersed amongst the dailyness of life, that we have variety and color and our lives take on a whole new dimension.

A favourite place

Eiffel Tower – photo by K. Schenk

If all I seek is self-fulling entertainment, I know I feel empty and shallow.  My life consists of rich and rewarding relationship.  As time, ordinary time, is spent with those I love, I begin to feel incredibly fulfilled.  To have coffee with my husband and enjoy the silence that mature love can bring is rich and fulfilling.

Living once… is about being grateful for the love, family, friends, career and for the wild adventures that happen in life.  It’s about making the most of everything – even those meetings which are not a means and ends of themselves, but they contribute towards a much bigger picture.  I am privileged to be on the cutting edge of impacting people towards life change – that is exciting!  I’m able to work with one of the most creative teams one could ever hope for.  There is much that can be done and experienced – EVERY. Single. Day.

“YOLO” – You only live once.  Let’s make it count! Cherish the ordinary. Risk the adventure.

Love like it’s your only chance.

Give life your all. It will give back to you and spill over to the many people who are privileged to be part of your life.

You matter! You make an impact.  Make your life count!

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